Interior Solutions

We can help with your next interior retrofit by providing you with on site project management from demo to final completion.

Pilot Services

I am dedicated to providing dependable and effective Independent Contract (IC) Pilot Services to the corporate and charter aviation community.  


Available by the day, week or month for:

1) Temporary "fill-in" assignments

2) Augmented crew for long range flights

3) Crew training & IOE

4) Ferry Flights



Professional Pilot Services

Project Management - Crew Training

Flight Trip Overview

           Flight Safety & CAE trained.   

Aircraft Crew Training

I can help set up your FAR-135 training program and aircraft specific training needs. 

Trip Manager

My job starts well before I arrive at the airport taking full responsibility for the flight including preflight, maintenance, proper stocking, special requests, accommodations, transportation, customs, over flight permits and negotiating the best fuel prices.


Communication Advisor

I will work closely with the crew and your passengers to help meet requests and advise them on delays, weather, required documents for the trip and keep the flight department up to date with all changes and requests.

Post Flight

I will work with the crew to make sure the aircraft has a complete post flight inspection and is cleaned, lavatory serviced, restocked and is ready for the next flight.  If any maintenance issues or discrepancies come to my attention I will work to get these fixed.



My positive attitude, good work ethic, loyalty and goal oriented mindset will be a benefit to your company.  Being a team player, standardization and professionalism are my strongest traits making me a sound candidate.  I enjoy all aspects of interacting and working with people.  I am confident that I can make a significant contribution to your operation.  Thank you for taking the time to look at my web site and qualifications.